Batang Nakasagasa ng Sisiw, Biglang Sikat Ngayon sa Facebook! Alamin Kung Bakit


Earlier this week, people on social media were moved with the story of a little boy and his chicken. The sensational post, which now reached more than 85,000 shares on Facebook alone, tugged the hearts of people on social media.

Apparently, the boy ran over the chicken, presumably with his bike, and was frightened. But instead of leaving the injured chicken alone, the boy decided to take the responsible course of action: bring it to the hospital.

Yes, you read that right! What followed, later on, is an equally hilarious and heartwarming act. Sensing the urgency of the matter, the boy immediately thought of a plan. Gathering all of his money, he went to a nearby hospital and brought the chicken along with him.

Upon arrival, he immediately presented the chicken to the people at the hospital. As you can well expect, the hospital personnel were touched to see this young boy's sweet gesture! Not wanting to miss this moment, one personnel took a photo and shared it on Facebook with the caption:

"This young boy from Sairang, Mizoram, accidentally ran over his neighbor's chicken. He took the chicken, ran to a nearby hospital and with all the money he had, asked for help."

Indeed, at such a young age, this little man already knows how to take on responsibilities. You can really see that his parents did a great job of raising a considerate and kindhearted child like him. Because of this, it's no wonder why many people on social media praised the child.

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