Biyuda Ayaw Sagutin Ang Bumbay Na Manliligaw, Bakit Kaya? Alamin!


Before Erning departed, he made a promise to his wife Marie. Bed-ridden with a terminal illness, Erning said on his last breath, "Take care of the kids, Marie. Remember, I will always be with you until the end." With those parting words, Erning peacefully departed.

Many years later on, Marie needed to raise her two children alone. As a mommy that is solitary she needs to work extra harder so she sells tocino in the part. Every, she's thankful because her neighbors buy all of her items time.

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An Indian man named Dan has taken a liking to Marie. He offers to help her, but Marie always refuses his offer. Every day, Dan goes by Marie's house and talks with her kids. Eventually, Marie found herself falling for Dan.

Even though Dan has an odd taste in clothes, one cannot deny that he is handsome. He is only two years older than Marie, who is 33 years old. Soon enough, the widow permitted Dan to court her. It did not take long before they were already a couple! Even Marie's kids loved Dan for their mother.

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One day, Marie was surprised when Dan brought his parents. He has a big announcement to make, so they went inside the house and talked. "Marie, for so long I wanted to reveal my real identity to you. I am only a money-lender here in the Philippines, but back in India, I came from a very wealthy family. Let me introduce you to my parents."
It turns out that Dan wanted to ask Marie's hand for marriage. His parents also favored Marie because apparently, she was the only woman who changed Dan into a responsible man. After hearing Dan's pure intentions, Marie agreed to marry him.

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In the end, Marie was delighted to find another man who will love her and her kids. Dan stayed true to his words and took care of Marie and his step-children. He bought a big house and promised to be a good father. In a way, Marie remembered her deceased husband's promise to her.

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