Elementary Student's Heartbreaking Excuse Letter Goes Viral on Facebook


In school, when students are absent, the teacher usually requires them to send an excuse letter. This letter lets the teacher know of the reason why the student couldn't attend class. However, aside from this, excuse letters also give a glimpse at the life of the students.

Excuse letter gives the teacher an idea about their student's well-being. Aside from the usual sickness or emergency, sometimes, students cannot attend class because of a deeper reason. Just like this student from Nueva Ecija, who moved her teacher's heart with the contents of her excuse letter.

An elementary teacher named Christian Jay Ordona shared the excuse letter of one of hi students. Ordona is teaching at Bongabon National High School in Barangay Sinipit, Nueva Ecija. As a teacher, he gets a lot of excuse letters from his students, but this one in particular stood out.

According to the elementary teacher, one morning, he received an excuse letter from one of his students named Marinell. The letter was brief and straight-to-the-point, but its contents broke the heart of the elementary teacher. The letter read as follows:

"Sorry po sir Jay hindi po ako nakapasok kaninang umaga dahil wala po akong baon. Kangina [kanina] lang po nakahanap si nanay ng baon namin. Sorry po."

Touched with his student's honesty, Ordono shared the contents of the letter on social media. As expected, many people were also moved with the student's letter. They can't help but feel pity for the student, whose education was affected by their desolate living situation.

Thanks to the teacher's Facebook post,many people were able to extend help to Marinell. Indeed, it's amazing what a simple Facebook post can achieve these days. With the help she received, we are hoping that Marinell can continue going to school.

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