Halos hindi Matuloy ang Kasal ng Dalawang Ito Dahil sa Kahirapan ng Lalaking Ito!


Giana and Samuel have been together for three years. They stood the test of time and survived their very last year of college in a private school together. On their graduation day, Sam asked for Gia's hand in marriage. And true enough, Gia happily agreed.

But, there's a littly problem to this story. Giana is from an average family, while Sam was only able to go to the exclusive private school through a scholarship.

Sam is very shy of his situation and has never brought Gia to his home.

Now that they are engaged, Gia is wondering what it's like to be there.

Gia told her big sister about her current situation.

"Seriously? Samuel proposed to you?" asks her bewildered sister.

"Yes," answers Gia.

"And you said yes?"

Gia nodded.

"Does he even have a car? How will he feed you? How will he bring up your family?" says her sister.

Gia realized that her sister's concerns were valid. But she has decided. She loves Samuel and no one can stop their marriage.

On the day that Sam will finally bring her home, Sam went to her house to fetch her. They rode the jeepney for 5 hours until they stopped at an unfamiliar place.

They walked inside a village when a man greeted Sam.

"Good evening, sir," says the man.

Sam politely replied.

Confused by the sudden exchange, Gia asked Sam if he knows the man.

"Well, he often buys my products when I sell banana cue."

Gia accepted his answer but wondered why her boyfriend would sell banana cue inside an exclusive subdivision. Still they kept walking and walking, then came to a stop at one of the biggest house Gia has ever seen!

A guard walked to them and beckoned:

"Miss Giana, I presume?"

Samuel nodded and they came inside the house!

Giana couldn't believe her eyes! Samuel deceived her! Her fianceƩ was totally rich!

She stopped her stare when they finally reached the receiving are and she was greeted by a smiling couple.

"I apologize for the sudden exchange, Giana. Samuel doesn't like anyone to be intimidated by his status," says the woman.

And everything was history. Gia and Sam's wedding pushed through, making the couple happy and content for the rest of their lives. If Gia let prejudice rule her heart, she would never have been this happy with the love of her life.


Julia Barretto refuses to let anything get to her. Watch the video below to see how she has embraced the title of being "Queen of the Flatchested."

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