Isang Nakakahangang Security Guard Sa Isang Fastfood Nagpakita Ng Kabaitan Sa Isang Street Kid


In the spirit of Christmas, random acts of kindness are rampant within the community. But it takes more than just kindness to stand up for a stranger, let alone to a homeless child sleeping on the street.

But an anonymous guard from McDonald's proved that such kindness is not impossible.

In a Facebook post, netizen Khim Salamat Banaag narrates her encounter with the guard from McDonald's only three days after Christmas.

She said that around 11:00 PM in Paombong, Bulacan, she noticed a security guard placing a cardboard box on the restaurant's parking lot. Curious, she went out of the establishment to see what's going on.

What she saw immediately touched her heart.

It turns out that there was a homeless boy sleeping uncomfortably in the parking lot. The security guard, whose name is Joselito Cunanan, saw that the boy was having trouble sleeping on the ground with a traffic cone for his pillow. So he went ahead and got a cardboard box, placed it on the side for the kid to sleep in.

He even carried the kid carefully and laid him on the makeshift bed! All of this happened while the boy was sound asleep!

Many netizens praised Joselito Cunanan for going beyond and doing more than what was required of him. He ensured the safety of not only the patrons of the particular McDonald's branch, but of the people in the area as well. Some even tagged local news and lifestyle shows to feature this hero.

On the other hand, others commented on the lack of parental supervision on the side of the kid and the state of poverty in the country.

Nevertheless, kudos Joselito! You're act of kindness serves as an inspiration to us all!

Source: Kami

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