Kabit, Nabuntis Daw ng Pulis. Bwelta Naman ni Misis, Imposible Raw Dahil Baog Daw ang Mister!


Theresa Bombase has had many dealings with her husband's side chicks before. However, this particular incident is unique-- in so that the other woman got pregnant! This spells a lot of trouble not just for the guy-- who is a police officer, but for all of them, too.

You see, Theresa and her husband have been trying to conceive a child for years. They sought the doctor's help when they still couldn't do it after years of marriage. The doctor said it's the police officer's problem, since he has a low count.

Now, Theresa is having a hard time believing that the other chick's kid is actually her husband's! How can it be when the guy has been having problems getting her knocked up?

Still, the other woman insists it couldn't be anyone's but the police officer's. She is now insisting on a hundred percent subsidy from the policeman. The legal wife, of course, want to be practical and wants the woman to undergo DNA testing, just to be sure.

She finds it unfair that the woman wants to pin the policeman down for a hundred percent subsidy, when they should be 50-50 on all expenses. After all, the side chick lay with a married man knowing full well that they were still married! She says, she shouldn't have opened up her legs if she knew that the man is already married under the eyes of law.

Still, the legal wife has got her heart in the right place. She says it's okay that the husband will pay for most of her pre-natal needs, before they could confirm that the child is really the policeman's.

Tulfo said this makes the wife the most decent person in the room. At some points, though, tensions started to run high and there's no one else to blame than the infidel police officer.

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