Mag ingat sa Pagbili ng Sikat na inumin na Ito! Baka peke na pala ang iniinom ng anak mo!


We are all familiar with fake products. In fact, we even purposefully buy these cheap imitations just to save a few cash. Most fake products that seems "okay" to purchase are makeup lines, bags, shirts, watches, and even gadgets.

We get what we pay for but it's not so much big of a deal.

However, we don't really acquire fake products of food. That's a big no no because these products are consumed and can affect our health, especially if we have kids.

That's why it was so alarming when authorities recently busted a house in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with an illegal manufacturing of fake Milo products.

Yes that chocolate energy drink most of our kids, and even us, like!

Inside the house, the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministrt found $94,058 worth of fake Milo products. That includes several paraphernalia like 1,000 boxes, 50,000 plastic packs, a printse, a weighing machine, and a numbering printer.

The authorities learned that these products were just waiting for shipment. The perpetrators, 6 people from Myanmar and Indonesia, were arrested during the raid.

Nestle has been educating its consumers about the authentic Milo products. Since Malaysia is the country with the most Milo consumers, it has been plagued with imitation products and has long tried to steer its countrymen to the right path.

To help it's consumers, Nestle said that to distinguish a legitimate Milo pack from the fake one,  we must observe the cuts at the top packaging. A legitimate Milo pack has uneven cuts while the fake one has perfect triangular cuts.

We must remain vigilant about such products as consumers, for our benefit and for the safety of our family.

Source: Pinoy News Blog

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