Naghirap ang Amerikanong ito Matapos Tangayin ng Pinay Girlfriend ang Kanyang Pera at Gamit


It is some Filipinas' lifelong dream to marry a foreigner. However, not for the reasons, you might think. There are women out there who are only eyeing foreign lovers because of their money. Unfortunately for these unsuspecting victims, they did not know that they are already falling into a trap.

This is what happened to an unnamed American citizen. According to a circulating post on Facebook, the homeless American can be found roaming somewhere in Bulacan. Apparently, he's had an unfortunate encounter with his Filipina girlfriend.

One concerned citizen named Christine Ibanez saw the American and pitied his situation. To help him, Ibanez uploaded his photos to call for help on social media. According to her post, the American was left penniless after his girlfriend abandoned him.

As if breaking his heart is not enough, his heartless ex-lover even had the nerve to take his belongings! The American was left empty-handed after his ex-girlfriend took his money, suitcase, and for good measure, his passport. Because of this, he was left with no other choice but to wander around asking for help.

Fortunately, some people took pity on him and gave him food. He wanted to go back home, but without his passport, he is unable to do so. As expected, many netizens were moved with the American's desolate situation. As a sign of goodwill, the people on Facebook united in order to help him.

Some people attempted calling the attention of the US Embassy here in the Philippines. Others chose to bring the matter with Raffy Tulfo, who is known to have handled cases like these in the past. On the other hand, many people can't help but criticize the man's heartless girlfriend for taking advantage of him.

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