Nakakapanghina ang kwento ng babaeng ito nang ikulong ng halos 24 na taon at ginagawa ito ng kaniyang ama sa kaniya


Of all the bothersome and unbelievably horrifying stories in the internet, nothing quite compares to the true story of Josef Fritzl, the offender who detained her own daughter in a basement where she repeatedly took advantage of her countless times in the course of 24 years.

It's difficult to imagine how a parent could do this to his own daughter, but we guess evil actually exists in this world, so here we go.

The story starts in 1984, when Fritzl managed to lure her then-18-year-old daughter, Elisabeth, into the soundproof cellar of their home. That started the 24-year-ordeal that saw the man repeatedly forcing her own daughter to ingest drugs and then took advantage of her.

This ungodly habit got Elisabeth pregnant 7 times.

To avoid questions, Fritzl told his wife that Elisabeth had left their home and joined a cult, when all this time she was begging for freedom and justice right below their feet!

The first child of Fritzl and Elisabeth departed shortly after being born, but the next three kids were brought upstairs to live with Fritzl and his wife.

Fritzl lied to his wife and said the kids were abandoned on their doorstep by Elisabeth herself!

Heartbreaking as it was, the three other children were kept in the isolated cellar with their mother! It wasn't until 2008 when they first saw the sun. At that point, the youngest was aged 5, and the eldest, 19.

The horrendous affair was finally discovered when the 19-year-old fell seriously ill in that basement. Elisabeth begged and begged his father to bring the young lady to the hospital.

He obliged, and that started his downfall.

Of course, hospital authorities immediately found out that something was odd with the girl, as she seemed very confused and unfamiliar with the outside world.

That started a long trial that ended in Fritzl's conviction for enslavement, coercion, and other heinous charges.

Upon her liberation, Elisabeth's first words were, "No one will believe me."

It was understandable. It's hard to swallow that this much evil resides in some people, that they are able to do this to their own kin!

Luckily, the smoke cleared, and now Elisabeth and her living children try to live normally in Northern Austria, where they receive regular counselling for mental and psychological stresses.

Life might never be the same for them after that experience, but may they find solace in that Fritzl has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the criminally insane.

Source: The Sun

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