OFW Nabiktima Ng Isang Napakabagong Modus Sa Daan!


If you find a bundle of cash lying on the ground, with nobody else in sight it's easy to imagine that you'd grab the money and run. After all, free cash sounds so enticing, isn't it?

But this story will tell you that you should be careful about your actions on the street. After all, you're never quite sure if someone's there. Better be safe than sorry.

One concerned Overseas Filipino Worker, by the name of Suante Agguirre, took to Facebook an incident that happened to him last year.

In the post, Agguirre narrated that he almost became a victim of a modus operandi in the Middle East.

The gist was that a bundle of cash will be placed innocently on the street. The scammers will wait for a possible victim to arrive.

Once you notice the cash, whether you take it or not, the men will come to you and inquire about the money.

They will berate you about the cash and will call the "police", who might probably be their accomplice.

Good thing Suante Agguirre was quick  on his feet. When the men asked him if he saw the cash on the street, he replied yes but did not get it. The two men then proceeded to ask him why he didn't do so. He then replied that it wasn't his in the first place.

The two men ignored his answer and demanded Agguirre to show them his wallet and threatened to call the police.

 Instead of letting the men call the cops, Agguirre volunteered to do it. But when the suspicious men heard of his plans, they immediately ran away.

Agguirre believes that if he didn't keep his guard up, he would be in a very bad situation.

Good thing he was able to leave unharmed and lived to tell the tale.

His Facebook post quickly gained traction overnight. It currently has 32,000 likes and almost 45,000 shares.

Source: Witty Trends

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