"Pera Na Sinayang Pa!" Alamin ang Ginawa ng Mag-asawang Ito Matapos Makahanap ng Kalahating Bilyong Piso sa Biniling Storage Unit!


This couple hit the jackpot when they purchased a storage unit. At first, it seemed kinda pricey at $500. However, what they found inside made all of it worth it! If you're familiar with "Storage Wars," then you probably know the feeling of half-expecting, half-hoping that one of those storage units turn out to be housing some sweet treasure chest! However, it almost never happens.

It all changed when this lady approached Dan Dotson to inform him that one of the guys (this lady's husband, actually) opened the storage unit to find something that could easily be the answer to all his needs and wants in this life. What did he find? Well, it's $7.5 Million Dollars in cold cash!

The couple could have easily retired comfortably with such a huge sum of money, but they just couldn't help but be sorry for the person on the other end, who will end up losing that money they just found!

Here's the impressive thing, when the original unit's owner called the couple up to negotiate a deal, they were all ears. If it were you, would you even pick up the phone if you knew the other person would ask for the money back?

Finders, keepers, right? This couple had more scruples than that. Still, they did not walk away empty-handed! The original owners actually struck up a pretty sweet deal, that made sure it was a win-win situation for everyone.

First, they offered the couple $600,000 compensation if they give the whole amount back. Not bad, right-- considering their only investment in that unit is $500? But then again, the owners jacked up the deal to $1.2 Million, doubling the original amount they offered!

Dan Dotson believed the couple did not only the right thing, but the smart thing! He reckoned if someone wouldn't pay the small price of renting out a storage unit so much so that they'd have it auctioned off with their millions of dollars still inside, the money could be dirty money after all!

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