Pumanaw ang Lalaking Ito Matapos Manalo sa Isang Drinking Game


When you're young, it's easy to live by the code of YOLO or you only live once. This means that you're really living life to the fullest. You become daring. You go on adventures. And ultimately you break your limits.

But is it really worth it if you waste your life by doing so? Is it worth shortening your life? Will it fulfill your life's purpose?

So for people who live by this quote, better get your acts straight because the excess of everything is never a good thing. This has been proven by the untimely passing of a man who lived to the fullest and left so fast-- just a day before 2019.

Facebook user Ice Ignacio posted an image of his childhood friend who bit the dust last December 31.

The post went viral and gained 42,000 reactions, 35,000 comments, and up to 90,000 shares.

According to Ignacio, his childhood friend departed after participating in a drinking game with other friends. His childhood friend won the game, but eventually, it took his life.

The cause of the untimely demise was alcohol intoxication or alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol intoxication is a condition caused by drinking too much alcohol in a short period of time.

It affects a person's body temperature, breathing, heart rate, and gag reflex. It can lead to coma and loss of life.

Apparently, for Ignacio's friend the drinking game version of Russian Roulette was too much- causing him to kick the bucket just as the people were waiting for the new year to come.

Source: Facebook

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