Top 10 na lalaking na link kay Ms. Kris Aquino! Find out kung sino sino sila!

Kris Aquino was born in the month of hearts. Could it be this has something to do with her very much colorful love life?

For the past years, the "Queen of All Media" had a quite pretty long list of love stories, both triumphant and failures.

Anyway, we've done our research and are ready to reveal  the not-so-short list of the controversial men in her life.

1. Randy Santiago was Kris' high school prom date. Randy was one the hottest Pinoy pop idols in the late 1980s with his songs "Hindi Magbabago" and "Babaero". There was rumor going around before that he was interested in the actress, the two are just friends. He married Malu Coronel. (1998)

2. Robin Padilla was the right love for Kris Aquino but 'twas the wrong time for their love affair.

"Crush na crush ko talaga si Kris noon. Sabi ko nga ang gandang bata," he told a magazine.

Robin Padilla first saw Kris Aquino during the People Power Revolution back in February 1996. Later on, the actor had a chance of meeting her in a television special "Kris at 18" in 1989. Robin was just beginning to make a name in show business as an action star and he later gained the nickname "Bad Boy of Philippine Movies."

Robin sent Kris a love letter as his first move of pursuing the actress.

"Sinulatan ko po yon (si Kris). Nanligaw po ako para kaming naging poor boy-rich girl (na fairy tale plot). It was you and me against the world," he said.

Sadly, since the beginning of their love affair, rumor has it that the late President Corazon Aquino did not approve of Robin Padilla for her daughter. However, the actor said he'll never forget how actress fought for their love. There were even time that Kris brought the actor in some of the events in Malacañang when her mother won in the snap election.

"Ako ang may kasalanan noon. Adik ako nun. Hindi ko na value ang ginagawa niya (Kris). Nung tapos na, saka ko na-value. Ako ang may diprensiya," he said.

The actor confessed that it was his drug addiction was one of the reasons why her family was against him. (1989 - 1990)

3. Alvin Patrimonio is the 6"3' forward of Purefoods TJ Hotdogs and was also Kris Aquino's greatest crush. In an interview with Inday Badiday' Eye to Eye, the basketball player confessed that Kris Aquino possessed all qualities he is looking for in a woman.

The two were constantly teased when they starred in Tasya Pantasya back in (1994) but they never really hooked up. (1990 - 1991)

4. Gabby Concepcion and Kris Aquino starred in Pangako ng Puso back in 1990. Concepcion allegedly started making moves on her but when Teddy Locsin found out about it, the Presidential Security Group did a background check on and he was separated with ex-wife Sharon Cuneta at the time (1984-1987).

He then married Jenny Syquia on 1993 and divorces 2 years later. Gaby is currently married to Genevieve Yatco Gonzales. (1990)

5. Philip Salvador and Kris Aquino had a love affair after co-starring in one of her movies. Philip is already married with three children which means they cannot get married but instead went into a live-in relationship. Kris was soon impregnated and announced the news on national television that she was three months pregnant.
Kris gave birth to a baby boy on June 4, 1995, who they named Joshua and took his father's surname Salvador.

6. Joey Marquez had an extramarital relationship with Kris Aquino when he was still Paranaque's city mayor.
Their affair began right after the actress had an exclusive interview with Joey at Manila Hotel.

The first time their love affair had a scandal was when Kris and Alma Moreno crossed paths at Asian Hospital where Joey was confined. They cooled off for some time but eventually made up.

But on September 2003, Kris accused Joey of threathening her life, exposing a violent fgith between them. Kris also gave quite a shock to the public when she confessed of acquiring STD from the comedian.

7. Vic Sotto and Kris' relationship became YES! Magazine's cover story on November 2003. Kris admitted she was dating Vic, however, their relationship did not became a successful one.

Kris first hinted a romantic involvement with the Eat Bulaga's host was when she was interviewed live on TV Patrol back in September 2003 to talk about her break up with Joey Marquez.

Kris also mentioned she was wrongly accused by Joey about keeping in touch with Vic Sotto.

8. Mark Lapid was with Kris Aquino for a short time on 2004. Their love affair didn't have much spark and spice. No excitement at all. There were also rumors that the only reason Mark courted the actress was to win the elections in his hometown.

9. Junjun Binay clarified his relationship with the Queen of All Media during an interview on August 2014.
He said that there is no truth to the issues and made it clear that they were only friends since their families are known to have close ties.
He also stated that they were in a similar hospital when his wife and mother were sick. JunJun lost his wife on August 2009, 10 days after the late President Aquino passed away.

10. James Yap was second basketball player linked to Kris Aquino. The two met on Feb. 6, 2005 in a restaurant in Green Hills, San Juan. Kris was James Yap crush back in high school and asked his manager to set up a meeting with the actress.

Five months later, the two got married and held the ceremony privately at Boy Abunda's house in Quezon City.

The married couple were gifted a bundle of joy they named James Yap Jr. and mostly known to us as Bimby.

On February 2007, a revelation about James Yap and Hope Centeno, former receptionist of Belo Medical Clinic, had an affair from March 2006 to January 2007.

James denied the accusations.

But on 27th of June 2010, their marriage flopped which Kris announced on The Buzz.

Source: PEPfamousfix

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