Twin goals: Kambal, gustong magkaanak sa iisang lalaki!


The world's most identical twins, Anna and Lucy DeCinque are at it again!

For the longest time, the sisters have proven that their sisterly love is beyond all else. Aside from sharing their mother’s womb for 9 months, the DeCinque sisters also share one boyfriend, Ben Byrne. In fact, the trio even attempted to get a three-way marriage in 2016 but such practice was not allowed in their country.

Now, Lucy and Anna are planning something new. They have recently announced their intention to get pregnant with Ben, at the same time! This announcement was made publicly in a local television show in Australia.

This setup is a bit complicated especially to the children. Since Anna and Lucy are twins, the children would both be siblings and cousins at the same time. This would also mean that Ben would be father and uncle to the children.

But when asked about the situation,the sisters only said: “Love is love, we’re all adults.”

Anna and Lucy’s mother was quite supportive of the twins’ decision.

“Our mum’s actually convincing us to go naturally, give birth naturally – so I don’t know how that’s gonna work cause we would need to be pregnant at the same time. It’s gonna be another challenge. It’s all up to Ben, I think. There’s a lot of pressure on Ben.”

Before this fiasco, the twins went through hell after spending thousands of dollars on body enhancement surgeries but got bullied on social media because of their looks.

Now that they’re back, better and stronger, Anna and Lucy DeCinque may have actually proven themselves to be the world’s most identical twins, no matter how different they seem to be for other people.

Source: Instagram

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