Estudyanteng walang pang internet para sa kanyang assignment pumunta sa cellphone shop at nakiki-internet


It is said that if there’s a will, there’s a way. That adage used to be confirmed by a kid who did now not have internet get admission to at home but found a way to make his undertaking by travelling a cellphone store at a mall close to his home!

Netizens expressed admiration over a video of a kid who used to be making his assignment in a cellphone shop’s show kiosk. Taken inside a Samsung store at an unnamed mall, the kid could be viewed carefully the use of the show pill to search for the stuff he wished for his homework. He would seem up from time to time, copying something from the display to his notebook.

Everyone admired the youngster for finding a way to do his task even if he had no internet get entry to at home. And many also thanked the store for helping the kid, knowing that they could have pushed him away as he was once virtually any person who may want to not find the money for to buy something from the store! But the store pals chose to assist a youngster in need – and their kind deed earned them praise online, even if no one knew their names.

While the save pals remained anonymous, netizens had been soon in a position to identify the boy as 10-year-old Guilherme Santiago, a fifth grader at the Abilio Gomes Municipal School in Recife, Brazil. Thanks to his inspiring story of dedication and ingenuity, he obtained a scholarship plus new devices from Samsung!

Watch the video below:

Source: buzzooks

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