Jake Cuenca inaming more than 'Physical Attractive' na kay Shaina Magdayao


She’s my favourite leading lady,” Jake Cuenca stated of Shaina Magdayao, who plays his wife in the horror-thriller sequence “The Haunted.” He said he agreed to do the mission even before he noticed the script because Shaina would be in it.The two were last work together in “Kung Ako’y Iiwan Mo” in 2012. Jake claimed their relationship never took a romantic turn in spite of their closeness.

“What’s interesting about our relationship is that we’re always there for each other during tough times,” he told reporters. “She saw me when I was feeling super down. The same thing happened with her—as a person who worked with her for so long, inalalayan ko rin s’ya.”

Jake is presently relationship beauty queen-turned-actress Kylie Versoza, while Shaina has been single on account that she broke up with John Lloyd Cruz in 2012.

Jake added that “more than physical attraction, there’s true love for every other. I can’t say can also malisya … Working with her today, even after seven years, felt like no time was once lost.”

At a recent media gathering, Jake was requested whether there used to be any precise previous love that continues to “haunt” him to this day. ‍‍‍‍To this, the actor replied:

“For me, what’s done is done. There’s no point in looking back. I simply focus on what I need to accomplish for the day. Although as an actor, I know that I also have to cherish these memories because I look back at them sometimes, when I need to feel something in a particular scene for a project I’m making.”

Being that he was once promoting a horror series, Jake was once likewise requested what he feared the most. Jake said: “Nothing much, mainly when I was once younger. Now that I’m extra mature, I worry about the protection and security of my cherished ones. I assume about them on every occasion I fly away for work. I’m responsible of overthinking. I understand I can’t infant them all the time, mainly my nephews and nieces. I have to know how to balance things. I also have to let them determine things out on their own.”‍

Compared to working on the horror-thriller movie “Eerie,” Jake said doing “The Haunted” has been a breeze. “The character I played in ‘Eerie’ had an out-of-body experience. I clearly prepared for that. I did approach acting. I didn’t talk with all of us on the set for three days,” explained Jake. “For this series, I went to the set very open to any ideas from my director and coactors.”

“The Haunted,” which airs every Sunday night on ABS-CBN, is directed by Emmanuel Palo and also aspects Denise Laurel. It revolves around Aileen (Shaina), a loving mother who is trying to rebuild her strained relationship with her husband Jordan (Jake) frequently for their daughter, Angel. Aileen and Jordan’s relationship will once more be put to the check as the ghost of a scorned girl starts offevolved to hang-out them.

“It helps that I’m working with people who are close to me. I’ve known Shaina for 18 years. Our first scene was a very emotionally draining one, but we did it as if seven long years didn’t pass us by,” the actor recalled. “We can be vulnerable in front of each other, and that’s OK. We helped each other make the scenes work.”

Source: inquirer.net

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