Tatlong turistang chinese sa Boracay nakitaan ng sintomas na 'influenza-like'


Three Chinese travelers with influenza-like signs and symptoms who currently arrived in Kalibo International Airport in Aklan on separate dates were brought to the provincial medical institution where they underwent tests.

Dr. Cornelio Cuachon Jr., Provincial Health Officer 1 of Aklan Provincial Hospital, said they took specimens and blood samples from the three tourists.

"All of the 3 instances is mga moderate na ubo and sipon but anyway, given that galing sila sa China, kinunan sila ng specimen at blood sample para ipadala sa RITM [Research Institute for Tropical Medicine] for confirmatory [tests]," Cuachon stated in a telephone interview with ABS-CBN News.

The fitness officer also clarified that the 3 vacationers have been no longer quarantined.

Cuachon delivered that the Bureau of Quarantine and the Provincial Health Office of Aklan are strictly monitoring incoming tourists in Aklan, specifically for the reason that there are direct flights from China to Kalibo International Airport.

"No, it’s not quarantine. Kung quarantine, you restrict ‘yong tao na hindi siya lumabas. Eto, dinischarge na at nakapunta na ng Boracay," he said.

Final Friday, a 29-year-old female traveler was brought to the common healing center after work force of the Bureau of Isolate identified that the traveler had fever, hack and colds. She was discharged after her temperature returned to ordinary the taking after day.

On Saturday, a 3-year-old Chinese young lady was moreover brought to the common clinic but was discharged after a check-up.

On Monday, a 65-year-old male with influenza-like side effects arrived from China, but he was moreover released after experiencing check-up within the common healing center.

Source: ABSCBN

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