Ai Ai Dela Alas may panawagan sa mga taong makalat lalo na sa mga ATM Machine

Comedian Queen Ai-Ai delas Alas was maddened at how a few Filipinos will in general inappropriately toss their receipts on the floor in spite of the computerized teller machine (ATM) zone having a refuse can.

Delas Alas took a video of the territory and got out Filipinos on their appearing absence of control on Instagram last Sunday, Feb. 2.

“Grabe. Mga ate, mga kuya, pwede namang dito ‘di ba?” delas Alas said as she panned the camera toward a cardboard box serving as a trash bin. “Meron namang lalagyanan ng papel. Pwede naman ‘di ba? Sana naman ‘wag tayong ganon.”

(This is too much. Sisters and brothers, we can throw it here right? There is a proper place where you can dispose of your paper. We can do it, right? I hope that we stop doing this [littering].)

“Matuto naman tayong maging disiplinado (Let us learn how to be disciplined),” she added.

machine itself while there is a garbage receptacle before it.

"Minsan maging disiplinado noise tayo sa buhay naten .. ang kalat sa atm ano [ba 'yan] .. may basurahan naman sus," she said in her Instagram subtitle.

(In any event now and then, let us be trained in our lives. It is so untidy at the ATM despite the fact that there is a refuse container in front.)

The comedienne at that point went on about how under the late despot Ferdinand Marcos' rule, during the Martial law period, there was a trademark that went: "Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan (For the country to advance, there must be discipline)."

"[Siguro] nakikita na nya mga sakit ng [Pinoy] kaya may ganung trademark na dapat sinusunod [natin] hanggang [ngayon]," delas Alas said.

(Possibly he could see in those days this "infection" of the Filipinos so he thought of that motto, which we ought to be following until today.)

The said trademark was made by Marcos' dictator system after he announced military law in 1972.


Source: Inquirer

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