Issa Pressman nagsalita na sa hiwalayang James Reid at Nadine Lustre


Issa Pressman, the model and artist who became the subject of mudslinging amid allegations that linked her to the breakup of Nadine Lustre and James Reid, finally broke her silence.

On Friday, actress Yassi Pressman's younger sister released a brief statement on Instagram, along with a video of what appears to be her shadow.

She wrote, unedited: “If I stay silent, i’m ‘guilty’. If I stand up for myself, i’m ‘defensive’. The world judges either way. But to end it here & now, everything is 100% FALSE. #ThinkBeforeYouClick.”

Yassi similarly cautioned her supporters against cyberbullying earlier on Wednesday as she defended Issa amid accusations that she caused Lustre and Reid to be separated.

In a comment on Yassi's message, Lustre expressed her love to the girls, while Reid gave them both an apology for getting dragged into the matter — clearing Issa of any involvement in the relationship.

As one of her closest friends in showbiz, Lustre has mentioned Yassi, a fellow Viva artist and her former movie co-star time and again.

Issa is also under the Viva Artists Agency and was seen in the same friendship circle as Lustre and Reid.

Source: abs-cbn

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