Vicky Belo inaming walang injections na nangyari kay YORME Isko Moreno


The famous mayor of Manila admits he is scared of injections and is also afraid of going to a beauty clinic. Now he is openly encouraging busy men like him who have no time to try the Belo Thermage FLX themselves. "Gravity triumphs as you age. To my colleagues and guys in my age bracket I can honestly say it's time to take Thermage. It's for us,' he says.

Dr. Belo said the Thermage FLX is truly perfect for on - the-go people like Major Isko because it takes just 35 minutes, has immediate results and has a long-term impact. And men can just visit the Belo clinic at least once a year and return the rest of the year to their busy schedules while looking their very best.

After doing the Thermage FLX, Dr. Belo explained to media members the changes on Mayor Isko's face. She said Yorme used to have deeper lines that have become shallow. There is less to pinch now than before when she pinched his muscle. In turn, the jawline of Major Isko has become more prominent, and his eyes open. "I just didn't want to fix it all.

Dr. Belo said the relationship came about with Major Isko Moreno because the Mayor of Manila is always enthusiastic about showing the world that the Philippines is world class. "I know we're a third world but we're first in beauty and dermatology," Dr Belo says.

And I feel it in my bones when I meet someone with the same love and want to taas the Pilipino bandilang as well and that's what I felt with Major Isko. Bring it together somehow, love for the Philippines, Belo Medical Group has been trying for about 30 years to make a dent in the world, trying to make the country a destination of beauty, parang I feel like a kinship.

The mayor of Manila believes that the Philippines will compete globally, and that we have the same technology and training. Institutions such as the Belo Medical Group are evidence that the Filipinos are world-class and first class.

The press launch ended with Dr. Belo's statement that the Belo Medical Group is contributing P500,000 to the Philippine Red Cross to assist with the relief efforts for the Taal eruption victims. The press launch took place in Manila's Rizal Park Hotel, as indicated by Mayor Isko. The good mayor wanted people to know that there are plenty of beautiful places in Manila worth a visit.

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